Brother Lou's Corner (archived)

December 2011

As I write this newsletter article, I have just finished watching Bro. Lou's last sermon that he preached at Lanes Chapel on the church website.   It is just like Bro. Lou to deliver the message that we need for eternity!  His words were so strong that day as he talked to his "precious church family".  He was truly filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Hear the words of God through Bro. Lou for THIS MOMENT.

"Be still and know that He is God."

"You are Holy God, we bow before you."

"Be glad for today is the day of the Lord."

"Thank you for the blood of Jesus."

"Thank you for your Amazing Grace."

As Bro. Lou preached, he paused, took a deep breath, and then said . . . "Heaven forbid that at Lanes Chapel it ever become about the preacher and not about the Lord Jesus Christ." 

God was preparing us for this time.  Bro. Lou instructed us to continue the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

And then Bro. Lou said these words . . . "My precious family, we gotta get a new heart, we gotta get a new start, we gotta get a new enthusiasm, we gotta get a new passion, and we gotta get a second touch." 

As Bro. Lou says . . . "You know what!"  "Just do it!" 

Please continue the Legacy of Lanes Chapel UMC by loving God and loving others!  Bro. Lou has taught us well. 

Love you special,

Bro. Lou's "Bren"

November 2011

Church Family & Friends:

We are sooooo blessed of the Lord at Lanes Chapel. There is not a ONE of us who is authentically HUNGRY…amen? I mean the only real concern any of us will have is will we have enough Alka Seltzer to go around after we stuff the turkey and then stuff ourselves. We will ALL have way more food than we need.

As we think about the upcoming Holiday season, I would like to encourage my loving, caring family at Lanes Chapel to consider doing something special for the Food Pantry at our awesome church.

Would you, as you prepare meals for your personal families, think about preparing  a “pretend” meal for those less fortunate?  This “pretend” meal could include canned goods and any other imperishable food items that you bring to church.

At this time of the year, there is always a run on our food pantry.

People who don’t have enough for their families will be coming to our doors to receive supplemental food items to go with their meager fare to make the Holidays bright.

We will “adopt” several families to bless during this time with Christmas gifts for children and food for families.

Pray over this idea and see how our benevolent Father will bless and magnify the gifts you give to His children through the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I sincerely pray that each and everyone of you has a wonderful, Christ-filled Thanksgiving and Christmas season and remember, it is STILL Merry Christmas and NOT “Happy Holidays.”

One last thing, please pray for the members of our family who will be spending their first Thanksgiving and Christmas without some of the people they deeply love who are sharing the banquet table of our Lord in Heaven.

I love you ALL very much.

Love & Prayers,

Brother Lou

October 2011 Newsletter

October is ministry month OR FAITH IN ACTION MINISTRY month as we like to call it at Lanes Chapel. FAITH IN ACTION replaced our previous volunteer ministry called Every Member in Ministry.  If you are not involved in a ministry in the church right now, I would like to for you to check with the office or online to find out about ministry opportunities in our family. Please find a ministry in which you feel the Holy Spirit is encouraging you to serve. Also, if you have an idea for a NEW MINISTRY at Lanes Chapel we are not currently engaged in, please let me know.

I also want to say a big “thank you” to everyone who participated in TITHE Commitment 2012 in September. I realize times are hard right now for many of our family members. We are praying for you and sincerely appreciate ANY contributions you have made. I especially appreciate the people who have turned in pledge cards for 2012. When you do this, it helps us plan for the budget for next year with a reasonable idea about how much money you are going to give to the work of the Lord. Again, thank you for your generous stewardship during these economically hard times.

We are currently, as a church, about $100,000.00 in arrears through 9 months. It would be helpful if the utilities were given to us for free, but as a consumer, you know that is just not how it works. What I do know for sure is that this is God’s church and He is all-powerful and very much in control. He will see us through.

If you give regularly to the Lord by placing cash in the plate we have no way of tracking that. If that is your intent, just keep on giving cash, but if you want credit for your giving with the IRS, please use an envelope and mark your name on it so Jo Ann can send you a giving statement.

Thank you in advance for the way you are going to embrace “FAITH IN ACTION” and give your time to a ministry you feel called to serve. We can’t all give big bucks to the Lord, but we ALL can give our prayers, presence, service, and witness. God is just as interested in your time and service to him given through working in the church. See you in church and in HIS chosen MINISTRY for you!

Love & Prayers,

Bro Lou

September 2011 Newsletter

Hey gang I am so excited about a “CHURCH WIDE”  Bible Study that is starting with a simulcast.   On (write this down please cause I know how you are…just like me…write this down)  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 AT 6 PM IN THE FAMILY LIFE CENTER, there will be a simulcast on the big screen of Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, evangelist. This is called “A WAKE-UP CALL FOR GOD’S PEOPLE”. 

After the kick off, I am asking that you join Brenda and I in a bible study relating to the wake up call.  The Bible Study is entitled “Expecting To See Jesus” and is also led by Anne Graham Lotz.   The first group meeting will be during the week of September 18th and will last for 9 weeks.

There are two main ways you can help me in this and I am asking for a big favor.  Number 1 is…REGISTER FOR THE BIBLE STUDY.   Number 2 is…ATTEND & DO THE BIBLE STUDY.    Host Home Leaders have been praying for you for the past month and are excited to welcome you into their home.  Group size will range from 6-12 people and Host Homes will be available in your geographical area.   This is a DVD based study that encourages us to “draw closer to God” and “Expect to See Him”.   The DVD format gives us all the answers.  You don’t have to READ unless you want to and there are NO dumb questions OR answers.  Choose the day and time of the week that is most convenient for you.  We will have many options available.  This will be a amazing study with your church family (and there may even be snacks included) . 

Those who have been with me awhile will remember that we did this before with “40 DAYS OF PURPOSE”.  This will be similar to that home bible study. My sermons will focus on the weekly message from Anne Graham Lotz.   Our purpose is to have fellowship with one another in each other’s homes, just like the First Century Church in Acts, and the main purpose is to GET INTO THE WORD OF GOD, STUDY IT, AND APPLY IT TO OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL LIVES…What a novel concept!!! 

My “momma” always wanted all her kids to eat at the table together as a family.  She did not want any empty seats at her table.  Please don’t leave an empty seat in the Host Home.  Register NOW! 

I love you all and thank you in advance for your whole-hearted participation in this awesome, life-changing event.   



August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Church Family Members:

When you were accepted into Full Membership at Lanes Chapel, you promised God and the church that you would support the church with your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and your witness. Thank you for taking that covenant relationship seriously…God does.

September is STEWARDSHIP MONTH at Lanes Chapel. That means it is time to renew our commitment to our Lord with our money, our mission, and our ministry. Ministry is anything we do for the Lord WITHIN the confines of our church walls. Mission is anything we do for the Lord OUTSIDE the walls of the church, and we have several great mission activities in our family. Money is our tithe, TEN PERCENT of our crops, time, talent, and our dollars. Anything over a tithe is considered an offering. Lanes Chapel has always been gracious in giving extravagant generosity, risk-taking mission, and passionate ministry. Your pledge of time, service, and money is for the church fiscal year 2012.  The Giving Cards will be available in the Church Bulletin on Sundays, in our Church Office, and Online. 

Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering what you will give to the most important cause in the universe, the cause of Jesus Christ. 

I am also excited about a live simulcast with Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, that will be aired at our Family Life Center on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 6 P.M. It is called “A Wake Up Call for God’s People” with music by “Selah”.  Please put this on your calendar for Sunday evening and don’t let anything walk on it. We will begin a Church-Wide Bible Study on “Expecting To See Jesus” by Anne Graham Lotz following this special simulcast event.  Please be sure to check your emails, the bulletins on Sunday, and ESPECIALLY our website for more information.


I love you all…even Ronnie Pyron.


Love & Prayers,


July 2011 Newsletter

Dear Church Family:

Psalm 119:105 says, “Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.”  One of the most important things we ever do as a Christian is to read, study, and memorize the Word of God.  My Brenda is really into the Word…her quiet time starts about 5:00 in the morning; her goal is to read the entire Bible this year.   She is always a wonderful example for me and I am trying to make time to spend time in the Word.

Satan is a distracter and will help you find reasons NOT to read God’s Word.  I encourage you to NOT let him win.

The Bible is “Basic Information Before Leaving Earth”…thanks to Lisa Burkett for sending me this precious story.

                A father was approached by his small son who told him proudly, “I know what the Bible means!”              His father smiled and replied, “What do you mean, you ‘know’ what the Bible means?”  The son   replied, “I do know!”  “Okay,” said his father.  “What does the Bible mean?”  “That’s easy,                 Daddy…” the young boy replied excitedly, “It stands for ‘Basic Information Before Leaving Earth.’

Thanks for joining me in diligently reading the Bible as a daily habit…’cause “A chapter a day will keep the Devil away.”

Love & Prayers,

Bro Lou

June 2011 Newsletter

Dear Church Family:

I just wanted to remind you how much I love each and every one of you and how blessed I think I am to be your pastor.

I come to you this month with a small concern. It is about my personal walk with the Lord. I sometimes feel that I let Satan distract me. I sometimes let him get me to the point where I lose my focus. I don’t mean to not put God first in my life and the work He has called me to do. But I just let other “things” become priority. Every once in a while I have to do what my friend, Zig Ziegler calls “a check-up from the neck-up!” That means I have to examine my priorities and make sure that I am thinking about and doing the things that God has called me personally to do. Now I gotta tell you, I feel VERY incapable and inadequate at times, but I know that I have God and my church family behind me and that gives me hope and strength.

If you are feeling like me and you have not been putting God first in your life and your priorities have been misplaced, you are not alone. But you and I MUST make sure that we are following the leadership of the Holy Spirit and we are putting the work of the Lord first in our life.

Thank you for always doing that, and if you are like me and occasionally don’t do what we know we should be doing, there is hope and change available through our Savior Jesus Christ…all you have to do is ASK.  

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given as well.”

Love & Prayers,

 Brother Lou

May 2011 Newsletter

Church Family & Friends:

As we passed through “Holy or Passion Week” I was reminded again about how much Jesus Christ loves each and every one of us…we don’t deserve His love, but that’s why we call it ”grace”, and there’s no other word for grace but AMAZING!!!

Don’t forget that our revival is coming up. May 4 is Youth Night, with Jabo Thomas and the kids, May 5 is NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER and African American pastor, Stephan Brodie is coming from Dallas to preach, Bridlewood Church will be in charge with Pastor Dan Cummings, and May 6 Pollard UMC with Rev. Richard Luna will be preaching.

Also on May 5, National Day Of Prayer, there will be a prayer meeting on the County Courthouse square at noon. Please plan to attend…. Love you all.

Love & Prayers,

Bro Lou